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Sadie Albuquerque

‘La Courneuve’ is a commune situated in the suburbs of Paris. Built at a rapid pace, with the construction of vast council estates it is also an area in a state of unease/political upheaval, and with the rise of the far right in France it has created a tangible fear within the immigrant population.

This area in Paris was alien to me in both its geography and culture; this became pivotal to my experience and the outcome of the work. My documentation of ‘La Courneuve’ is represented by:

Large format photographs showing a set of apertures framing the same building, at different angles.

The recording is a collection of site sounds.

Artist books, showing the built environment of ‘La Courneuve’.

The 3D model of void.

The photographic and 3D work suggests a desolate place, however, the sound recording reveals the true vibrancy of the community that exists within ‘La Courneuve’.